For Tonight We Might Die – Reaction – Classmates

For Tonight We Might Die - Reaction - Classmates

For Tonight We Might Die - Reaction - Classmates

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For Tonight We Might Die - Reaction - Classmates

This video contains spoilers for the first episode of Class. Welcome to our brand new show Classmates, each week our team will be discussing the latest episode of Class, starting with For Tonight We Might Die! Let us know what you thought of the first episode in the comments below…

For Tonight We Might Die - Reaction - Classmates


For Tonight We Might Die - Reaction - Classmates

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For Tonight We Might Die - Reaction - Classmates

Edited by George Shankster
Produced by Chris Allen
The Classmates theme is composed and performed by Blair Mowat

For Tonight We Might Die - Reaction - Classmates

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For Tonight We Might Die - Reaction - Classmates

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62 thoughts on “For Tonight We Might Die – Reaction – Classmates”

  1. Look, we know it’s gonna be a positive review if it comes from the official
    channel. There’s no point in these

  2. AH! IT’S HERE! So exciting to meet the rest of the CLASSMATES team! Very
    excited to be a part of it! GOD I LOVE THIS SHOW! :D

  3. As a teenager myself, I feel that the characters were not believable
    teenagers at all.
    The characters were typical stereotypes who get brought together. Very
    cringey in places.
    However I will say it was more entertaining than the past 4 or so years of
    Doctor Who.

  4. The show is pretty entertaining, but…

    How can a girl who’s attractive, kind and outgoing and who partakes in
    social activities seemingly have no real friends in school and be so
    completely ignored?

    And why does the Doctors give these teenagers such responsibility? They
    didn’t choose this. What if some monster comes through and murders a
    classroom full of 12-year-olds while these guys are somewhere else at the
    moment? Those kids didn’t choose this. Would the Doctor hold the main cast
    responsible? Why couldn’t he just inform UNIT? Or Torchwood? Or Martha and
    Mickey? Or Jo Grant? Or Ian? Or at the very least allow Ms. Quill to have
    some kind of weapon or defense..

    There are so many unanswered questions here about things that just don’t
    seem to make sense..

  5. Fictitious Code this is the exact comment I was about to write… it’s so
    obviously scripted and clear that they’re getting some form of payment to
    do it…

  6. I loved the episodes so far. I didn’t think it would get so gory, it got me
    a bit by surprise poor Ram

  7. Or just ‘Torchwood’ in general.

    And read the synopsis.

    Then read the synopsis for Class.

    And realise how Class is just a carbon copy of Torchwood.

  8. Fictitious Code nope! Just fans expressing themselves. You’ll see the same
    opinions on the individual channels. There wasn’t any pressure to be
    positive at all.

  9. I totally loved it. they told us it wasn’t for kids but it was even more
    brutal than I thought. the characters are great and Miss Quill is perfect
    for these kids and these kids are perfect for us.

  10. Really? Not one negative opinion? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the first
    episode zealously and I thought it was a good pilot but it certainly wasn’t
    phenomenal and the pacing wasn’t up to scratch from my perception. The
    classmates are making it sound like it was a masterpiece.

  11. Doctor Who has been based in Cardiff since 2005, so a lot of it is filmed
    in Cardiff, elsewhere in South Wales, and in Bristol. Several episodes have
    been filmed in London. In recent years there have been about a dozen
    episodes which had large chunks filmed overseas, and a few more which had
    one or two scenes filmed alongside another episode. Incidentally, only one
    of those was a special, Planet of the Dead.

  12. She’s not pretty, her insecurity knocks down any beauty she might have.

    The Doctor gives them the responsibility because he clearly sees they’re
    all old enough, all too old for that school.

  13. I said the exact same thing about the shadow kin being like a vashta nerada
    and pyrovile mix! Series 4 is the best series of new who by a mile 💙

  14. +lightdark00 But it makes no sense for her to be insecure in the first
    place. She seems to be insecure because people don’t acknowledge her, but
    why don’t they? She’s a kind person who is an active presence in class and
    other school activities. Why doesn’t she have friends? Why does everybody
    completely ignore her like she doesn’t even exist? Even the biggest nerds,
    basket cases and annoyances in my school weren’t as isolated as she is.

    And 14 years old is hardly the right age to deal with seeing people
    brutally slaughtered right in front of you, no matter how smart you are.
    Ram at the very least should be traumatized for life at this point, even
    though he’s 17. The Doctor is mad at Ms. Quill for the death of Kevin
    Williams, but he wouldn’t even have died if the Doctor had just evacuated
    the school and let UNIT or Torchwood figure something out. That would’ve
    also saved the lives of Rachel (Ram’s girlfriend), the assistant coach, the
    cleaner, Mr Armitage, Coach Dawson, etc. Since none of them were saved,
    clearly these students are not capable of protecting the school. It
    would’ve literally cost the Doctor a single phonecall to save the lives of
    these 6 people (all completely innocent except the coach), and presumably
    more in future episodes. Like I said, we saw the male dragon appear in mr.
    Armitage’s office. The same could’ve happened in a classroom full of
    unsuspecting 12 year olds, perhaps with an even deadlier creature. What
    would 5 underage students and an unarmed lady do against that if they
    weren’t even near that classroom at that moment?

  15. They’re more aged around 6th form age I believe, except for the black girl
    who is supposed to be a child genius, at 14 (unless I misheard her case).
    I see where you are getting the stereotype though in some cases…

  16. Sutekh of Mars Reviews well one guy mentioned Ram didn’t get enough
    development, I don’t know any more but that’s what I remember

  17. Sopana Vathanamohan well it’s special effects are pretty good, and does it
    matter if it’s in one place? At the end of the day the show looks good and
    has an interesting plot (so far) what more can you need?

  18. HappyandAtheist it’s supposed to be at the end of the year, it’s pretty
    rubbish as the children have to raise the money, and personally I find it a
    little boring…

  19. Dalton Looney I live in the US too. You can watch both episodes on
    Dailymotion. I’m sure all the episodes will be there eventually! So u don’t
    have to wait till 2017

  20. I am in sixth form, I am the same age as they are supposed to be, and they
    are not realistic whatsoever

  21. I’m in 6th form and thought it was pretty realistic in comparison to a lot
    of other shows with teenage characters. I liked how they were making jokes
    about the Bechdel test and thought the conversation they have in the
    classroom about Downton Abbey and Idris Elba was pretty accurate.
    Especially liked them making references to Buffy, OUAT & TVD because that
    is probably what a lot of teenagers would jump to in that situation. Also
    disagree that the characters were stereotypes.

  22. Sir Strangefolk it’s a great reason to stop watching. All I saw was 20+
    year olds. They all looked so old.

  23. Even if it was wrong, they state their motive pretty clearly, they needed
    to get the box of souls to prevent the survivors using it to wipe them out.

  24. It was mentioned every time he was on screen except obviously when the
    shadowkind attacked and when The Doctor was talking to them (in both cases
    he was pretty much doing nothing). I just hope he has more to his character
    than just the convenient BF just to tell the audience there is a gay

  25. +Biotic_Warlock uh… no. it wasn’t. that’s objectively true. I forget the
    guys name but there are several conversations with the main character (the
    alien one) where he talks about the shadowkin, the doctor, the prom and
    explains what’s happened with that girls heart. It’s mentioned twice, once
    when the girl asks him out and once when he picks up his boyfriend.

    as for his boyfriend, you didn’t complain about that one girl who got
    killed in EP1 who had no character and was only on screen to be a
    girlfriend. why does it matter when a guy exists just to be one half of a
    gay couple but not when someone exists just to be one half of a straight

  26. Actually I do think that was pretty pointless, though she is 1) dead and 2)
    said death being used for the guy’s character and getting to terms with
    that… a bit indirect but still.
    Perhaps his dialogue was sufficiently forgettable and that I need to
    rewatch it.
    That’s also a strawman by the way. Just because we are talking about a
    character who happens to be gay doesn’t mean it’s because they are gay. Be
    well to note that I am a gay man who does not approve of the BBC trying to
    forcibly tokenise people like me for the sake of diversity. I wouldn’t mind
    as much, but it’s at risk of coming across forced.

  27. +Biotic_Warlock there’s still 6 episodes to go, it’s very possible (and
    very likely) that the gay relationship will become significant somehow. And
    even if it doesn’t so what? it was a few scenes because he is a gay
    character, he doesn’t drag his boyfriend around everywhere or keep bringing
    it up.

    I don’t like forced tokenism either, but the main character has a lot of,
    well character and his relationship isn’t a huge deal so it strikes me as
    very natural.

  28. Well I missed the part last episode where he claims his BF was “grounded”
    (apparently during the school day as well). So I was wondering where he was
    the entire time.

  29. Ned Kelsey While it’s obvious it’s going to be an overall positive review,
    they do actually bring up a few criticisms they have about the episode; one
    reviewer believed that the jock charachter was underdeveloped, while
    another believed the villains were one dimensional. These reviews are
    biased, of course, but they’re not ignorant to the shows flaws and
    acknowledge them

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