A Nasty Woman’s Guide To Voting

A Nasty Woman's Guide To Voting

A Nasty Woman's Guide To Voting

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A Nasty Woman's Guide To Voting

Brittany is here to show you nasty women how to stick it to the man by voting!

A Nasty Woman's Guide To Voting

Yeah we know that voting booth is old af but that's what we could afford

A Nasty Woman's Guide To Voting

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A Nasty Woman's Guide To Voting

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A Nasty Woman's Guide To Voting


A Nasty Woman's Guide To Voting


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Special thanks to Michelle Mower, Teresa Valente, Bryce Saucier, Harry So, Dave Derr, and Jessica Curtis for making this video possible!

45 thoughts on “A Nasty Woman’s Guide To Voting”

  1. That was great and all but bring back that dude to teach us guys how to
    vote. he did such a great job teaching me how to make a sandwich.

  2. Women aren’t supposed t vote with their vaginas! They are supposed to sex
    with their vaginas! Learn that, kids!

  3. Make sure you vote for Hillary so we can go to war with Russia which will
    likely result in WW3 which in turn will result in a drastic reduction in
    the world population thus reducing competition in the job market.

    TL;DR A vote for Hillary is a vote for a job.

  4. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… That amazing sarcasm is so
    thick I’m not even sure which side you’re making fun of. Bravo :)

  5. I believe that’s the point. staying neutral and roasting both sides.

    Speaking of sides, I’m gonna have to retrieve mine from orbit. See ya.

  6. This was good, but i think Brittney is more in her element when she’s
    fixing something. I hope your roof leaks or your basement floods or
    something. Comedy gold may waiting to happen.

    Oh and that red spot was adorable.

  7. This is funny mainly because she can speak condescendingly to women when
    males can’t. I’m sure her viewer demographic is largely male.

    She should stay away from politics and keep it towards condescending DIYs.

  8. Oh so you’re one of them, huh??? You do know that it almost impossible to
    rig a presidential election, right???

  9. Sure the system is pretty bullet proof, but the people running it are
    always influenceable. Money can get a lot of things done that shouldnt be.

  10. +Jesse D None of these points have any sources, how am I supposed to trust
    what some random guy posts on Reddit? Ontop of that the sources that he
    *does* link to look like the sort of thing your mom would post on facebook
    after learning about The Onion. Just a load of clickbait bullshit. Again.
    Trump said mean words. Hillary is literally a criminal and physically ill

  11. they are literally making fun of the women ->
    beauty/looks/outfits/makeup/… stereotype all the time
    and the only thing you comment on, on this comdic video regarding voting,
    is… her appearance.

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