VLOG | shoppin’ for baby gear & Waylon mischief

VLOG | Shoppin' For Baby Gear & Waylon Mischief

VLOG | Shoppin' For Baby Gear & Waylon Mischief

Enjoy The Ultimate Baby Clothes

VLOG | Shoppin' For Baby Gear & Waylon Mischief

  VLOG | Shoppin' For Baby Gear & Waylon Mischief  
  VLOG | Shoppin' For Baby Gear & Waylon Mischief  

VLOG | Shoppin' For Baby Gear & Waylon Mischief

VLOG | Shoppin' For Baby Gear & Waylon Mischief

VLOG | Shoppin' For Baby Gear & Waylon Mischief

VLOG | Shoppin' For Baby Gear & Waylon Mischief

VLOG | Shoppin' For Baby Gear & Waylon Mischief

everything mentioned: (CLICK SHOW MORE BELOW)

best baby stroller ever.
sunglasses (very similar option)
umbrella stroller mentioned (orange version I purchased is STILL on sale for $49!)

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Not a sponsored video. Post contains my genuine recommendations and opinions.

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42 thoughts on “VLOG | shoppin’ for baby gear & Waylon mischief”

  1. Your golden is precious! We just lost our golden two Months ago, and miss
    him so much!! Love the Vlog! 🙂 

  2. Haha I never take the first item off the shelf, it always has to be the 2nd
    or 3rd one. 

  3. Tiffany,

    Call the company ask you speak to a manager of the old car seat you had for
    her and explain what is going on. They might refund you or offer you
    something! :)

  4. Don’t bother with another infant seat, get a convertible! We switched at 5
    months and love our convertible seat so much more! Baby wear in restaurants
    and stores, she’ll love being close to you. 🙂 

  5. I am totally like that.. I’ll inspect basically every item they have and
    pick the one that looks the most “untouched” or “perfect” LOL. I
    especially do that when shopping for clothing..

  6. Look at target there prices are better. You can always sell the car seat
    once she out grows it.

  7. I will order stuff online just to get something that no one has touched and
    messed with. I blame my mother, she always taught me not to take the first
    magazine lol

  8. I don’t know what state your in but in California we have a couple of
    amazing golden rescues if your interested in adopting one. Also so so sorry
    for your loss.

  9. Completely agree. I was a child passenger safety tech. Don’t waste $ on
    another infant seat. Get a Graco or Britax convertible… And for next baby
    get a Chicco infant seat 🙂

  10. I do that too! With everything I purchase! I thought I had a problem. I’m
    relieved to know I’m not alone!:))

  11. When in stores, I always pick the items in the back vs the first one. In my
    mind, they’re “untouched” and newer. Haha, I know it’s silly to think that
    though. Thought I was the only one! ?

  12. I love hearing about baby things, even though we’re out of that stage :).
    The BEST purchase I made was a “car seat carrier”. There are a few versions
    now. It’s a light weight stroller frame that you can use with most car
    seats. That way you never have to disturb a sleeping/comfortable baby. You
    take the car seat out of the car and clip it onto the frame. Yes, I know
    you can do that with travel systems (We wasted money on one with my first),
    but those things are bulky, heavy and expensive. The frames are compact,
    light weight and very inexpensive. They also sit high, so they would be
    level with me at restaurants. I used it for all 4 of mine and never bought
    another infant stroller. We would go from using the carrier, right to an
    umbrella stroller. I know your little one has outgrown her infant seat
    already, but maybe with the next one ;). xx

  13. Kids grow out of strollers so fast. The only way I’d get a really expensive
    one is if I was planning on having multiple kids and using it for all of
    them. I’m so jealous of all the trees where you live. It’s amazing. Here in
    SoCal they’re hard to come by! I bet it smells so fresh there. Lol.

  14. You should get Waylon a dog toy from goDog. It has chew guard technology
    with reinforced double stitching. 20 bucks and under but they last along
    time. Amazon has them. Really durable . My black lab chews everything and
    loves those. Takes alot to get the stuffing out and that’s what it’s all
    about with dogs. Thats their goal hahaha. Sometimes you can find a 3 pack
    at costco.

  15. The link to the sunglasses to me looks like a brownish lens and not nearly
    as dark/black as yours. Where is the seller/listing on eBay for the ones
    you bought? or the exact model/brand would be helpful. They look wide
    enough they would hopefully fit my face shape too.

  16. I would TOTALLY buy the Peg infant seat! They’re the best. I had them for
    my twin girls and loved them. Investing in safe is never frivolous! 

  17. +Jennifer McAwesome you’re 100% right. I just hate that the first one was a

  18. +ilyStephan1e the viviennes come in a few shades- some that have gold
    frames and then the black on black like mine. Since they’ve been hard to
    find lately, I linked to any viviennes I could find. The ebay listing
    wouldn’t really help for these since she sold me her one and only pair. So
    it’s not like she has a ton to sell you know? But I’m on the look out for
    stores that restock them! Follow Quay on IG and maybe when they restock
    they’ll post there 🙂

  19. +MakeupByTiffanyD actually I linked to any similar ones I could find that
    seemed to be the same size (I thought I had linked to the other color
    viviennes, but I didnt. Sorry for the confusion!

  20. I am glad I am not the only one who doesn’t grab the item in the front off
    the shelf! Haha. I do that with everything! Even food at the grocery store

  21. Not to be that person lol but denali isnt the car itself- its a luxury
    version of gmc models. For example yukon terrain etc all hav a denali line.
    The are nice….. but doubling the price ahahaha

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